Industrial Automation Systems features

  • wireless Wire / Wireless Integration
  • plc PLC Modular Devices
  • control Control Systems
  • reverse Reverse Engineering

Automation Solutions

We provide a Complete customised automation solutions for Factories, Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Offices, Shopping Malls, Corporate Enterprises, Educational per requirments.

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Hospitality Automation

Wireless Z-wave enabeld devices having capability for Hotel, Hospital, Office Automation.

Industrial Process Automation

Machine Automation, Factory Automation, Building Automation, Parking Automation, Fire System Automation, Conveyor Automation, Business Process Automation

Conveyer Automation

Food & Beverage factory needs conveyor automation, we are dealing with belt conveyor,chain conveyor, spiral conveyor system integration with PLC and Controller.

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Building Automation

In building automation system we provide Fire alarm system, Access control system, Parking Automation, Survillance and Monitoring, Digital Locking, Intercom system, Entrance Automation system .

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